Friday, February 01, 2019

Dollar Tree Lamp DIY Links

Hello All,

In my previous post I showed a makeshift lamp using Dollar Tree unbreakable items. I made it for my night stand but today as I was passing through the hall, I was  surprised at myself for not using this battery lamp, which I had perched on a shelf. It would have been a lot easier.  

However due to some comments showing interest  in  the Dollar Tree lamp do-it-yourself subject, I took the trouble to look up some of the videos on the subject and found some very glamorous lamps.

You still have to have a heavy base to keep such lamps from getting knocked over and you have to glue the components together.

Dollar Tree DIY's are quite the thing these days, and there have been contests with a $10 or $5 limit, to make things in certain categories.

While my lamp was rather small, if you need one for your living/lounge area, here are some you can make using larger plastic bowls and large vases, that look like crystal cut glass. They sometimes use the led push-light that is easy to click on and off just with a touch

Dollar Tree Crystal Lamps

Chrystal Beaded Lamp

Silver-Look Lamp

Lamp With Shade

I think you will agree, even if you are not into DIY's  that some of these ideas, and others that come up on the list of videos below them, are very interesting.

There are also ways to make chandeliers, if you are interested. One advantage is that if you use plastic items you don't have to be overly concerned about them falling and breaking.

To make a larger lamp than the one I made below, using no glue or any thing permanent, just buy a larger plastic faux crystal salad bowl for a dollar, and set it over a large plastic faux cut glass vase. The bowls are sometimes found in the wedding decor department, and the vases in the floral aisle of Dollar Tree. You can then fill the vase with led light or battery candles, or set the vase upside down and put one of those push lights on the end of the vase before putting the bowl over the top.

This is the small make-shift one I showed here yesterday:

I  have a very ambitious day ahead of me and am hoping to complete 3 things on a list of 20, which is always the way it goes around here.

The color red or burgundy red is all around us in the commercial world and it is just right for the month of February, which in some climes like mine, is a month of fog. 

I posted these photos to share what you can do with the Dollar Tree florals combined with things you already have. Sometimes a book (which someone gave me) has the colors you need, to-go-with, and  if not, open the book to a page that does the job. It looks so bright and fresh on a table.  Those are the variegated silk roses, above, and one stem has 5 or 6 full-looking flowers on it, which is enough to fill a jar or vase. You do have to bend the wired stems and make it all look branched out.  I've been in restaurants where they plunk these in a vase on the table without poufing out the flowers, and they look so fake, so I'm just saying you can give them a more life-like look if you can bend the stems outward, and you can even press out some of the petals if you are careful, to make it look more natural


Unknown said...

I like best the little lamp that YOU made.

Homemaker's Heart said...

HI Lydia~ Thanks for sharing other ideas, but I agree with Lynn...yours is the best. Simple and pretty. Can you show how to fluff the flowers or arange them to look so real? I bought some last year and tried to imitate a floral vase you had and mine looked, um, really fake. I could understand the aranging part. I ended up getting a blue mason jar from the cupboard and put green tissue paper in the bottom, folded the stems in half and stuffed the flowers in the "vase" hoping no one would say anything. It worked, but definetly didn't look real.

A "how to" maybe on artificial floral fluffing? :-)

I was at an antique store this morning with my husband and found a beautiful green coat similar to the one you made, it didn't fit me, but I enjoyed looking at one up close. I was telling my husband about it and the beautiful raspberry coat you are making. Thanks for sharing.


Hestia said...

I LOVE roses (As you might be able to tell from my user name) and this looks lovely. It is really beautiful