Monday, February 25, 2019

White Everywhere

I had to get this teacup out today for some spring!

We've a had a few days of green grass and warmer temps and now this!! 

Someone who saw these three old cars in our driveway commented on us having three cars. Mr. S. replied, "Yes, it is nice to have three old cars, because once in awhile, ONE of them WORKS!"  My dad used to say that, too!   Today none of them work because the doors are frozen shut. 

Although only one of the cars works, there is no way to get out, as the snow plow has not cleared the road yet. 

 The electric is on, which I'm really thankful for and keep praying it stays on!!

We won't be riding that bike to sell flowers at the moment, will we.


living from glory to glory said...

Spring is coming, I am just not sure when... LOL
Praying for you both that the electricity stays on also!
Stay warm and cozy xo Roxy

Lydia said...

You are snowed-in too, Roxy!! Hope you have plenty of supplies!!!

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

My good friend in Eugene sent me a picture of his back yard...2 feet of snow and it was still falling. He has 2 English Setters who are CA dogs. Don't think they stay outside more than absolutely necessary. We've got rain in the forecast.

Julel said...

The contrast in our countries weather still amazes me. Here in Manchester, England we are having the warmest February since records began. Yesterday I enjoyed a walk in warm sunshine, and smiledto see primroses, daffodils and crocus in peoples small gardens. We even have some tulips out though itiartooearlyfor them really.
I do hope that your electricity doesn't go out, and that you are able to enjoy the snow from the warmth of your house.
Best wishes

Lydia said...

Lesley, the softer warmer weather was fooling us! A sudden snow storm came in and covered all that green grass and the primroses.

Julie said...

Thankfully, Spring is coming soon! That is a beautiful teacup!