Wednesday, February 27, 2019

So Much For My Snow Bath

There was great anticipation on my part when I placed this bucket under a drip last night, in preparation for washing my hair and washing up, both personally and the dishes in the sink. 
However when I looked out the window this morning I saw a full bucket of water being used as a drinking fountain by the robins.

They can't find water in this weather so I was glad to oblige, yet, 
using that water isn't an option. You know how the birds muck it up.
So, I'm going to be outside tramping around in the almost two feet of snow looking for a drip off the roof that the birds aren't flocking around.
So disappointing. 

We have drinking water but Mr. S. thinks its extravagant to heat bottled drinking water for washing my hair. 
And, melting snow is an exercise in too much exercise with very little pay-off, since snow is mostly air.

If I can get water, I will wash my hair and make another video while I'm still able. This time, I hope to talk about skirts and blouses and how to wear them so that you look your best. Plus, I will discuss why dresses don't always fit well and how to alleviate that when choosing styles in the stores and patterns for sewing.

Here's my Arc de Triumph,  about ready to fall over from the weight of the snow:

 Im still going to wash my hair, even if it takes all day to melt enough snow.

It takes a lot longer to get the day started when you have to heat the snow and make water for everything, but it is worth it. I see why the pre-electric people were so thin. Filling pans and buckets with snow is very athletic.

The three old cars are buried in snow, but we are going to brush the snow off the one that actually works, and try to go into town for some supplies. Mr. S. thinks that being cooped up too much gives him cabin fever and interferes with his special creative humor.  We can't have that. 

Yesterday he said his pre-injured foot bothered him enough to let him know it was still there. So, he wants to get out and walk around on a flat surface in a heated building with lots of office merchandise.

But first, he has to shovel some snow so the car can get to the road.

To clarify:  we have no running water, due to the snow storm knocking over some electric lines. And so we have store bought bottled drinking water for drinking and cooking, not for hair washing or bathing. That is why I was catching the drips off the roof as the snow melted. We have not had running water for 4 days. But I did get some snow water melted and heated and washed my hair. I felt really spa rich, like it was some special water in an exclusive place. It is worth a lot!  


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Not sure about snow melt for hair washing. Particulate matter in the sky filters down with the snow.
Hope you find the warm building for S to get some exercise. Stay warm.

Emmarinda said...

It seems Mr. S has a specific building in mind. I think you may have written about the snow bath before, but I don't remember the reasons for it. I do know that people recommend giving a dog a snow bath by getting him out there and vigorously rubbing the snow all through his coat. In times that we've had any significant amount of snow, our beagle has essentially given himself one by running around the yard and frolicking in it! Haven't had any snow here this winter in Virginia Beach, however.

Julie said...

Hopefully, you will get enough water to wash your hair today! You are very resourceful, and I would also use the snow to wash my hair if I had to. If you don't mind me asking, why don't you have running water? Has your electric stayed on, as you had hoped it would? I hope that you both stay warm and well, and that Spring arrives very soon.

Feminine Belle said...

Wedding icing with bird cake toppers. ;-)

lynn maust said...

(from Lynn M)
I didn't realize birds can't use snow for their water!

Lydia said...

Please note it is the purified bottled DRINKING WATER we don't heat and use for hair washing!!

Kay said...

Love your blog and your videos :-) Am just curious if you color your beautiful hair or always looks so nice. I am 63 years old and I do color mine maybe every 3-4 months. Do you think it is wrong for us, as Christian ladies to color our hair? I always wrestle with whether I should. Thanks for your time and God Bless!

Lydia said...

Hello Kay, I think ladies can do as they like with their hair. The only color I would think would be in poor taste would be an unnatural color for hair, such as purple, blue, green, etc. or to damage it with any product that contains bleach. As long as it looks natural, and it is healthy for the hair and skin, there should not be a problem. I know a lady whose hair went gray at age 16 so she learned about natural rinses that would restore the color at least while she was still young. Also I don't think anyone should judge ladies for putting a rinse on their hair or trying to look their best, as long as it is natural looking and not clownish. I don't think preachers should say anything about it, either. My mother in law used Loving Care, a temporary rinse with no bleech and no ammonia, that washed out, and she was married to a preacher. He never said anything about it. It was her choice and not church business. I have had this question a couple of times before, but my answer is that everyone can do as they like. I don't believe it is a religious issue and I can't find anything in scripture that would support teaching against it. Even the Victorians used color rinses to give their hair shine or more color, and they had a lot of natural ingredients that would not damage hair or skin. I feel the same way about makeup. If its natural and for a purpose and not ostentation or clownish, it can be beneficial. And, I don't think scripture supports any preaching against it.

Kay said...

Dear Lydia,
Thanks you so much for answering that question for me! I believe you're right and I like to look as good for my husband as i can at my age. Also, I think the color makes the hair easier to fix...gray hair tends to be hard to control. I feel better knowing that you use color too and I am not, as you say, doing anything wrong. God understands that we do not do this for show or to attract other men-- just to be more attractive for our husbands and to feel better about ourselves. Looking forward to more videos do a wonderful job! Take care.

Hestia said...

I live in Alabama, and never really experienced weather that cold. I remember whenever it starts getting cold, my parents will leave facets dripping. That might work in Alabama, but probably not in Oregon.

Pretty creative idea though

Lydia said...

Yes, we do leave our faucets dripping. The water is run by an electric pump so when electric is gone, so is the water. Everything is on now and it is sure a mess to clean up after ....