Thursday, February 14, 2019

A Little Celebration

Hello Everyone. I hope all of you received something beautiful today.

In the US, Valentine's Day is for all people, and there are a lot of children who are thrilled to get hearts and flowers and cards from their parents, particularly their Dads.

I was in Dollar Tree yesterday and there was a little girl with her mother and she was so enthusiastic, she was saying "Happy Valentine's Day" to everyone she saw. She was jumping for joy because her mother was getting her one of those cellophane balloons.

Mr. S. And I cannot seem to keep up with the holidays, so there is always a last minute scramble to come up with a gift. Here is what he made for me:

 Honestly the date seemed to arrive so fast that I did not get any cute cards made or sent, but I will use the rest of the month to do so.

I wanted you to see the ingredients of that bowl of roses, all from Dollar Tree.

From what I can compare, these hard vinyl baskets at Dollar Tree are just as good quality as at Hobby Lobby, and they come in several colors, as well as different sizes and shapes.  I chose the round basket to make a floral arrangement in, but they come in square and rectangle, oval, etc. Colors are hot pink, lavender, mint green and blue.    The total cost of this was $5.00. I used the floral stems from other arrangements I have around the house, but I got them all at Dollar Tree.  You can't really tell what a bright spot they provide in this home.

Image from  Victorian Trading Company


living from glory to glory said...

Wow! A cracker card...
Add peanut butter and enjoy!

Lydia said...

You are right Roxy; red jelly would make this heart perfect! I might add a picture to the post!

vintage ellen said...

Your husband is so clever!

Cheryl said...

Lydia from Ladies Against Feminism I am SO glad to see your presence on internet still! LAF was very important to me when I decided to make my lifelong goal to be as feminine a lady as I possibly could in every way as my statement against feminism. Then I saw vicious, ugly, and deeply hate-filled things against you and thought you had gone. Thank you for persevering against darkness. You made a difference to me.

Lydia said...

It has been many years since they began their attack and they are still doing it. I plan to address this on a video after I have thought it through carefully. I think these people are hired. They didn't know me, I was no real threat to feminism, I have no money, no property, no clout whatever, anywhere, and no access to any political power. My husband does not preach in a mega church, and I've never been on tv or published a book about feminism. I'm not as prominent as Mr.s Schalfly or Mrs. Andelin was. They never investigated me or came to see me or interviewed me. I will be addressing this sometime, on the blog, maybe on a video. There were other little homemakers that got terribly attacked and had to quit blogging, (which is what the trolls wanted) and I looked at their blogs and they were such little things, like being attacked because you decorated your house in white, etc. I also saw girls who just wanted to share their crafts and the trolls went after them with hatred. A politician did tell me he had never seen it, even in politics, as bad as they had done me and some of the other women.

Julie said...

That video will be interesting. I have not commented often, but I too, remember you from those days, and could not believe there was actually a website dedicated to soiling your reputation, which, in my view, only made them look bad, not you. Thank you for persevering, and not allowing hateful people like them to put out your light!
The funny thing about many feminists is that they seem to be so ashamed of femininity, and you showed the way to me when I had few examples of feminine women to follow. Now that my husband has passed away (several years ago when some of my children were still very young) I feel that I have had to redefine femininity, since reluctantly taking on many traditionally masculine tasks. I have come to realise that femininity is more a state of mind than anything. Thank you for teaching us to delight in being women, and to delight in our homes and families, and for never giving up!

Cheryl said...

Julie, you put that so beautifully! May God bless you and help us all to be a light of femininity wherever we are and whatever we are doing in these days. I want that more than ever now. I made the commitment to femininity many years ago, and now at 55 I am having to redefine that too as I'm not a young woman any more. Divorce happened ten years ago and I've had to learn how to do many things like you. But even in my tough yard-work clothes (I live on one acre)I can still be my gentle, kind, soft-spoken self. I will NOT become a manly older woman as so many do!

Lydia, you are loved. I look forward to when you are ready to do a video talk. Thank you for being a light on a hill.

Julie said...

Thank you, Cheryl, for your kind comments! May God bless you too. (And I will NOT become a manly older woman either!~ smile)