Saturday, February 09, 2019

The Delicate Art of Snow

The fresh snowfall dressed the trees up in lace fabric.

There ought to be a 
 fabric or ladies clothing that goes with  the snow, similar to the delicate lace of snow. 

I took this picture from a window. It looks like the old black and white photos but it is in color.

A small church invited Mr. S. to conduct a marriage reinforcement class this weekend.

The tables in the room were brightly decorated.

Here is one of the poems Mr. S. read to.the class:

A Prayer for a Christian Husband

Lord, may there be no moment in my life
When she regrets that she became my wife.

Help me to do the utmost I can
To prove myself her measure of a man.

Since years must bring to all their load of care,
Let us together every burden bear.

And when Death beckons one it's path along,
May not the two of us be parted long. 

M.V. Caruthers. 


Hestia said...

That is such a beautiful poem. It is touching.

I live in Alabama, so we really don't get snow, but I love how it looks, but all my friends in other places tell me not to envy the snow. Ha, so maybe it is nice to look at, but not live there.

Lydia said...

Your friend is right. I took the pictures from the window.cant decide what fabric I need to make a dress or coat to go with

Lydia said...

...I always think of sewing some things to match at the time it snows. By the time I finish cutting it out, the snow is gone.

Emmarinda said...

What a sweet poem. One thing I miss about the snow is how the air feels. It almost has a fragrance. Another thing is the silence and when there is a sound of a car passing or a dog barking in the distance, it is muted and soft.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

What I miss about snow is the quiet when it is falling. Not as noisy as rain. It's like the whole land shuts down and is peaceful.

living from glory to glory said...

Hello Dear Lydia, the snow looks so very peaceful. And yes a lovely thick lace would be pretty to wear over another top. I enjoyed that poem, did the ladies love the teacups? Hugs, Roxy

Janet W. said...

There is a lot of pretty “white on white” prints that coupled with a deep purple, green or burgundy accessory would make a pretty dress for a snow day outfit. These prints can usually be found at fabric stores where cotton prints and quilting fabrics are sold. I could see a white on white print dress coupled with a deep plum print apron, hair accessory or floral pin, etc.
Janet Westrup

Janet W. said...

A solid plum fleece would make a great coat or jacket to go with a white on white print dress or top also.
Janet Westrup

Janet W. said...

I have a dear friend and neighbor who lost her husband of 40years just two weeks ago. Will share this poem with her.
Janet Westrup