Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Trying to Stay Home Today!

You rarely see any of my kitchen, so I'll treat you to a picture or two. It is the most used place in the house and it is rare to get it clean enough for a picture. I've been trying to stay home today, and it is hard, as you know, if you are a homemaker. There is always something that needs to be done, business-wise, elsewhere, such as returning something, recycling, sending something via UPS or post office, banking, grocery trip, car maintenance appointment, dentist, etc.  Amazing, isn't it? So it is quite an effort to stay home, even for home schoolers!

That is Mr. S.'s toaster oven, which he likes much better than a microwave, because you can do a lot more with food, naturally. 

I thought you might get a kick out of seeing my little red wagon.  Over the years we have had several of these but one by one they were assigned elsewhere and so a few days ago when I was out, I got this one for myself. That way, when a child comes to visit, there is a little red wagon to pull around full of blocks. Now to get the blocks. 

One reason I like Victorian Houses is the assignment of the rooms. There was an attic, a nursery, a library, a ladies parlor, a dressing room, a sleeping porch , a guest room, and areas designed for socializing. 

In our modern homes, a former child's room becomes an office or a sewing room, and dining rooms sometimes are reassigned to media centers.  Most people get rid of the baby bed and the toy box when they outgrow it, but I still have some of it and I love it.  Becky's Feathered Nest has  a video featuring a play house that someone has made to go with her house, which is so charming. 

I'd love to have a big old house with all the rooms still there as they are supposed to be, but I don't suppose it would be as practical and efficient as our little houses today.

However, when you come to my house, there will be something  set in the corners and on tables and shelves to represent every era of life: babyhood, childhood, young adult, young married.

 I'm not sure I want to have something representing old age, but Home Interiors used to have a pair of wire rimmed glasses sitting on top a stack of antique looking books, and a lamp. A lot of young people were loving that look and buying it for their home decor. I don't need to do that because we came by it legitimately ;-) If we could only find the glasses when we need them.

I know a lot of people just get rid of their toys when the children get their own homes, but I objected when they started taking all their childhood toys. It seemed to feel more lonely and empty without the toys. So now I am looking for replacements, and this wagon is the first thing. Then I'm going for a child's table and chair set,  with a tea set for on top. What do you think?

Mr. S. put the wagon together for me and made the handle easy to move around in all directions by substituting a washer.

Today Mr. S. got a change in his foot condition and went to the doctor by himself. I thought I should stay and get everything very organized and clean in case my attention is needed elsewhere. Apparently sepsis and cellulitis comes back!  I know some of you have had it even though you are still quite young, and it does reocurr. But at least we know not to let it get too far, and to take notice of every little sore spot, or change.  I think that should be true in everything we do, don't you?  If you let something slide in housework, or in mending, in office work,  or in relationships, it gets worse, doesn't it!!


Unknown said...

Lydia I always enjoy your blog. Your pictures are so lovely.

living from glory to glory said...

What a darling little red wagon! I think if we stayed home more things would not get so out of sorts, But one the other hand this time of year I get to feeling a bit of cabin fever.
Keep a close eye on his foot as we know how quickly things can change. We will be praying for him. Hugs, Roxy

lynn maust said...

This is from Lynn Maust...I don't know how to get my name and picture back on my comments.
I am really sorry to hear Mr.S's foot problem has returned! I hope you both caught it in time to check it's 'growth'!!!
I am glad you got rid of your's a bad thing to have. It ruins the cellular structure of anything it cooks! Did you know that?
It was a surprise to see you have new kitchen cabinets...much better than the old....are you happy with them?

Lydia said...

Can anyone here in the know, please post what to do? For me, I would go to google and notice where my name is and then click it on and click "change picture" or something like that, but since she doesn't have a blog or a youtube platform, there has to be a different way of correcting this.

Linda said...

Loved seeing your beautiful kitchen, I love the colors.
I agree with how hard it is to stay home. I try to schedule one day a week for errands but it never fails, someone will ask if I'm getting out another day because they need something.
I love being home and tending to things here.

Lydia said...

If anyone here can post on this blog to Lynn Maust what to do about recovering her avatar so she can post with her name?

Feminine Belle said...


Sorry you are having such a difficult time. :-(

I would like to help ya out. Would she mind writing me?

I wrote you privately, Lydia.

Feminine Belle said...

My husband and I were in Fredricksburg, TX several weeks back and one of the stores we entered had one of those red trucks on a tea towel which made me think of you decorating with the trucks during December.

I believe it would be very charming to have a children's tea set. Actually, saw a child's porcelain tea set in a very small wicker basket for a pretty penny a few months back.

It was lovely, but I think I would cringe every time the cups touched. ;-)

Mallorie said...

Lydia, it sounds as if Lynn is "signed out" from Blogger. When I comment, it gives me an option to sign out, so maybe find a way to sign back in?

Lydia said...

She may not have known she was signed out. Sometimes she uses the library. And it may have happened then. But I think someone here is contacting her via email and trying to help her.