Monday, February 11, 2019

Snow Storm

We have returned home after a very snowed-in weekend away.  See previous post for details.

Mr. S. had snow tires and was confident we would make it away and back.

We are certainly happy to be home.  

I don't know about you, but one thing about being away from home, is that it creates renewed interest in caring for the house. I use any outside excursion for an opportunity to get fresh new ideas. I plan new lessons, or fresh hospitality ideas.

On our way home, we stopped by Miss Dahlia's, where she and her husband welcomed us for dinner!  She had prepared a lovely Mexican meal.  It was so different than the restaurant version, I tell you.

I didn't get any pictures of her beautiful home! She is a picture of contentment.  We find ourselves so busy living life, we forget to take pictures.

Some of you have been encouraging me to make videos and podcasts or radio broadcasts to listen to online.  
The reason I have not done anything is the amount of preparation it takes, particularly for videos.  I know some people just go sit in their garage and start talking, and those are sometimes the best! However I don't want to have a video about homemaking with a background that looks like a hurricane just came through.  And, it seems to take me forever to get things in order these days. There always is something else to be done, somewhere to go, or essential work.  But I will not give up hope, and just might surprise you and have a video here.

To those who have children at home, I would suggest you not be too involved in making money and creating videos to such an extent that the children are neglected. Do everything moderately. Your home is your headquartes for living, and so,  running it, dressing the children, feeding everyone, keeping it clean and lovely, is your priority.


Sandy Lewis said...

What a lovely compliment for Miss Dahlia!
“She is a picture of contentment”
I am so happy you shared this post.

Feminine Belle said...

I personally would have loved to see photos of this lovely delicious meal!

Perhaps she might share a recipe or two of your favorite? :-)

ann said...

I certainly agree with you about how much there seems to be to do.

I have found I have gotten much busier as I have become older.

Perhaps things take longer to do or there is more to do.

I remember a long time ago I often had spare time on my hands but not

so much now. I should think that your blog makes you very busy. I always look for a new post every day

as I enjoy reading them so much but it is a lot of extra work for you. Thank you for keeping them up. Ann x

terricheney said...

You really were a voice from my past today. My beloved Granny always said, time and time again, "Every thing in moderation!" and she meant it about eating sugar, or vegetables or work etc. I find myself often repeating her phrase when I feel I am getting out of balance in any area of my life. It makes me stop and look hard at my life and then make the necessary adjustments. And then soon, I find, I am no longer feeling out of sorts.