Monday, January 20, 2020

A New/Old Picture

Hello Ladies,
This is not the type or color of pictures I normally use in my home,  but it tugged at my heart due to the amount of old sheds and barns around here in the farm country.  I have it on the wall near the old cabinet that shares that same old wood and dark metal top. There is more to this old barn, as it has a story behind it, as most old structures do. This is about as old as our buildings get, out in the prairies.  It is available at Hobby Lobby, and when the pictures are all half price, this one is only $7.00.


Laura Lane said...

I can see why it would tug at your heart. There are some photos and paintings and prints that just beckon you into them in your imagination. You can almost write a story of what went on the day the painting was made.

Be blessed dear lady. I often listen to your audios on YouTube while I work about the house on this and that. You help me focus. Thank you very much. I'd love to know more about your sewing and about how you organize your housework.

Laura Lane
Harvest Lane Cottage
Carthage, Missouri

ann said...

hello. I just wanted to mention that i just tried to read living from glory to glory and was told access was denied. I enjoy reading the blog and have not had any trouble accessing it before. I hope that this is temporary as it is a favourite blog. thank you Ann