Sunday, January 19, 2020

Homemaking Radio: Household Tips, Avoiding Futile-ism


Francia said...

I enjoy listening to Homemaking Radio. Iam a wife & mom of six. My children range from 18-28. Two are living at home. I am in the minority of women with older children who choose to be a homemaker. Thank you for your encouraging and motivating me to truly make my house a "home". P.S. I enjoyed learning about the various Victorian homes in the book you discussed😊

Mrs. Brown said...

Dear Mrs. Sherman,

Good morning! I wanted to let you know that I am a new listener to your broadcasts. I found you on YouTube a few weeks ago. You were an answer to prayer for me, a granted desire of my heart. I just had a passing though as I was working in our basement that I wished for something I could just listen to rather than having to stop and look all the time at something someone on a video was demonstrating, etc. Isn't God good to pay attention to even our passing thoughts?

I listen while I am fixing breakfast for my family or washing up the dinner dishes, changing the laundry loads or putting clean clothes away. Even scooping the litter box or recording receipts in my expense tracker.

I am not a full time at home wife and mother, however, that is where I keep my heart and I take my responsibility there very seriously. I am grateful for my husband, children, pets and home and do realize my first and foremost calling is to them. I returned to work (at the request of my husband) and sometimes am frustrated at all the things I must do. However, listening to your lovely voice and wisdom is truly a Godsend for me. It lightens my load and improves my disposition.

Please keep releasing your broadcasts as they are doing much good in the world. I love when you read to us and enjoy listening to you very much.


Mrs. Brown

Robyn G. said...

Good morning lovely women! Thank you Lydia for your time and sharing, I really appreciate it! Today I just finished making a triple batch of Marinara sauce. It was wonderful to have your commentary along with me!

Amelia said...

Very nice videos, Lydia. I've had so much going on the past week, so the video was welcomed. Things come up that can cause our nerves to be frayed and it's so nice to have such a happy Monday and listen to a friend over the fence.

Yesterday we were visiting a church where our precious little baby grandson was dedicated. A fellow mom in my age group asked what I did now that our girls are grown and only our 26 year old is home. I happily told her I keep very busy with the work of home and told her there is always something to do! : ) I shared with her about my sewing and starting supper in the morning plus my huge decluttering in my hobby room. I think she was refreshed to hear it, I could tell she had probably been burdened with people who do not stay home asking her the same.

I enjoyed the little scripture reading, it's nice to hear a cheerful little lesson like that. I applied my makeup, got dressed, decluttered a little in my room, clearing out some baskets in front of my dresser, putting things up and almost done. I baked some eggs in the shell, started more decluttering in my hobby room and made some little dividers for a plastic drawer by cutting down a large baking soda box and some almond milk boxes.

You mentioned getting too much supplies, and oh dear me, I think I have done just that when I was on a mad sewing roll last year. I almost burnt myself out and have a little too much fabric now. Now I have to contain it and declutter if I don't love it. I have a store of stuff on my company eating table, all kinds of stuff for my grown girls to come and reclaim or use.

I listened to both videos, and enjoyed them very much.


Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

You are one of the best “over the fence “ neighbors that I have. Welcoming you into my home to share your thoughts is a wonderful blessing to me. Thank you.

Over the years, I had so many people question and criticize us for homeschooling our 4 children. Now that they are happy, well adjusted, and successfully living and using their talents, the critics have been silenced. However, one of the most disappointing comments came from a former pastor who asked me ( after our children were grown and gone) “What in the world do you find to do all day?” His wife actually worked outside the home during their ministry. It was a sad commentary, indeed, coming from a leader in the church. I told him it would take me too long to inform him of what I do in a day, and that he would be terribly bored listening to it all.😏

I liked the tips on keeping crafts , sewing,card making, crocheting, etc.. to a reasonable amount as far as production and time goes. I’m a firm believer in keeping leisure arts leisurely and something we do for enjoyment and relaxation.

I appreciated the brief history/ civic lesson you gave. I was convicted to pray more for our leaders, and I did just that with my cup of tea.

I was able to check so many things off my list as I listened to both broadcasts side by side... Beds made, dishes done, laundry folded and put away, garbage emptied, bathroom shiny, a few Valentine decorations put up, supper prepared, and tea time enjoyed.

Thanks so much for helping me to have a successful homemaking day today. I really feel like I accomplished a great deal.


Lydia said...

Thank you ladies. Please let me know how long is the ideal length for doing housework. It is supposed to be like radio, and not to sit and watch. How convenient is the length of the videos right now? Would a podcast be better?

Robyn G. said...

I would prefer anything that takes us away from YouTube, if you could use a podcast that would be great! Although we wouldn't get to see your teacup; I think it might be less personal. As far as length, I'm totally fine with any length; if I need to move to a different chore I just pause the video until I'm back in the room. I don't watch anything that is "live streamed" it is too much like a chain to the computer/"tv".

Lydia said...

Hi Lydia- I was able to finish your last vlog and really enjoyed hearing about the storybook cottage book, I nearly bought one a little while back, at the used book store I may go back and get it. I really enjoyed the vlog before the last one, you touched on how when you share your excitement about trying new things or having goals and aspirations that there are many who are either jealous or cannot celebrate with you but discourage you or put you down and try to make you believe it is a waste of time and why would you want to even try doing it, it can be very discouraging but what you said was so helpful, I have started the beginnings of a blog that i have been trying to do for four years but had no confidence to start but put it down as one of my goals this year as well as a list of other things I want to try and do this year. I am also realizing who to share these things with, not all our friends and family are happy with us learning new things or growing. Thank you for your inspiration maybe you do not get much appreciation from others in your church, I do not know but you have always inspired me to do better and strive to try more things, so you are valuable. Dont stop, us ladies need to hear all these wonderful messages..

I was able to do some ironing, tax preparing, sewed a new little lamp shade

Mrs. U said...

Hello Mrs. Sherman!
I try to listen to all your videos. So much encouragement!!! Thank you for sharing! I don’t often comment about what I’m doing while listening, but decided to today.

While listening to this video, I got dressed and fixed my hair and makeup. I dusted and vacuumed the guest room for company that is coming tomorrow. I collected all the towels and started them in the washing machine. I have breakfast in the oven (Puff Pancakes) for our family’s breakfast today. I still have more to listen to, too! I’ll listen again later tonight as I prepare our dinner.

You mentioned a homemaking seminar... wouldn’t that be wonderful!!! I’d just be excited to meet another lady in real life that loves homemaking like I do. I have a sweet friend in Delaware that we talk about caring for our homes and families, but someone in person would be a dream!

Thank you for taking time to share with and encourage all of us. ❤️


Lydia said...

homemaker radio is a better way to do a seminar, with ladies being able to stay home, and no one has to sponsor a speaker or provide transportation expenses.

Laura Jeanne said...

I listened to this talk while I fried bacon and made breakfastsandwiches and hash browns for supper last night. This episode was filled with good advice - I especially like the bit about using small blocks of time as a way to get things done bit by bit.

Feminine Belle said...

Thanks for the idea on pizza crust!
I can whip out a batch of biscuits dough easy-nothing!

Great story about the pilot which taught you as it is always nice to hear little snips about your early life. My husband would be impressed about the test given as he is a pilot as well. He has all the BEST stories too!

Loved the houses as I just sat and ooh and ahh-ed over them.

Cleaned my kitchen, and currently prepping my cabinets for prime and paint for the Spring! Did the same to our bathroom cabinets two years back. They are lovely to look at and the fact our daughter drew flowers on them and I painted them. We too have an unique home as we have tweaked the outside (we dug out a garden years back and planted trees) Now, no one has a many trees as us on our block and everyone remarks about our lovely garden in the Spring and Summer as we even won an award for it!

Recently, I have been listening to you on the road as I take our son in to work. It is an hour round trip so you talking to me as I sojourn helps take my mind off of worrying what I have not finished on my track home.

Your hour talks are perfect as I feel as though I have caught up with you this week and I learn something new.

Let's talk soon!!!!