Friday, January 03, 2020

New Calendar Year

A calendar with appealing pictures is a must, isn't it?  I got this at Dollar Tree and these last three days have walked past it on purpose just to have another look at the vivid floral photograph of the month. This calendar is titled "Blossoms" and it might be still available at your local Dollar Tree. The Hobby Lobby Calendars were gone by November, so I missed out on getting my favorite, and was very happy to find this one. 

Also I wanted to tell you about this phosphate-free Dawn dish soap. Although I love having the dishwasher, I do need to wash some items by hand, including those precious tea cups, and I have found it doesn't cause problems with my hands. Dawn is also at Dollar Tree and I like the half size bottles because they are easier to use and to get the last drop out.  

This has a barely noticeable rose scent and of course I love the pink color in my kitchen.

Tea Time magazine came, and it is all pink and red, celebrating January and February.

The first thing I do when it comes in the mail is go through the pages and find the floral arrangements in the backgrounds and see if I can create something similar from the Dollar Tree blossoms I keep  in my floral box.

Here is one I'd like to try:

Dollar Tree Roses:

I like the tea cup on this page, don't you? A scene on the inside of the cup is always amusing.

There is a strong wind and heavy rain storm here, and I'm hoping it won't knock out the power.  

Thanks for your encouraging comments.
Hopefully I will see you soon on Housekeeping Radio, when I get all my ducks in a row.



Alex said...

Happy New Year! I am just sitting down to write on MY shiny new calendar too. A nice feeling.

Catrina Dugué said...

Such a pretty calendar!

Aliyah said...

Thanks for the awsome post. I love flowers and Dollar Tree.😀

Julel said...

Happy New Year to you and to your family. That is such a pretty calendar. Ours has National Trust gardens on it this year, and I’d love our little patch to look as colourful as some of them. I plan to visit the one nearest to us (in England) later in the year as a special treat.

Laura Lane said...

I listen to your recordings as I do my work each morning. It helps a lot to keep me focused. Thank you!

Anne Payne said...

I will have to go by Dollar Tree and get one of those calendars. I've been looking in other stores but haven't found one I really liked or a price I wanted to pay. TY for sharing!