Saturday, January 11, 2020

In the Works: Homemaking Radio, Sewing, Moving Things Around

Greetings Homemakers and Future Homemakers,

After I get myself arranged ;-) I will  pour a cup of tea while I speak on a  new Homemaking Radio episode to listen while you do things around the house. I realize it is a weekend and most people will probably use this on Monday.

You may remember all that cranberry color I had in the living room a month ago.  I moved it to the lady's guest room: quilts, cushions, florals and tea things:

A lot of the pillows are hand made from 19---.  If you have heard previous videos you know the story.

My daughter made these for me from an old sweater.

I have always liked this April Cornell Dress and once tried it on in a shop, and it looked and felt great. However the price has been way over $100 and even on sale, the postage brings the price up.  It is sold at Victorian Trading Company. It is called Midnight Rose.

I like the idea of giving a dress a name. I love names, in fact, have sometimes named the rooms in my house.

At the end of the bolt of fabric at Walmart there is always a nice name such as "Carnation" or "China Blue" and "Blush."

I had this fabric by Waverly from Walmart, and a pattern that seems similar, so I might try to imitate it for just pennies:
 I would have to put a little plackett in the front to raise the neckline and also make some other adjustments. This is cotton.  The original dress is cotton and rayon. 

Thinking about it and actually getting the time to do it, are two different things, as you know.

It is always nice to have a dream, an idea, a hope, even if it never comes to fruition.


Julel said...

How lovely yourladiesguest room looks. The cranberry is so vibrant, and yet still restful. Best wishes Lesley

Lydia said...

Nice to hear from you Lesley. Thank you for dropping by.

Aliyah said...

I love the cranberry color theme. This is just a lovely idea. It is just wish I could sew.😁