Saturday, January 18, 2020

The Next Post

Hello Dear Ladies,

I know some of you are waiting for another Homemaker Radio episode, and I assure you--nothing else has been on my mind. I hope to put that post up very soon so that you will have something on Monday to work by.

You recall that lovely multi-colored bouquet, only $4.95 at our Super Walmart, which I showed previously.

It easily filled 5 small vases which lift up anyone who ventures into the small rooms of this cottage. I'm showing three of them here, and below, is a preview of the teacup I will be featuring on the next radio broadcast:

 These are my own pictures, and I hope to get time to add them to my Pinterest collection. The link to my Pinterest is on the left column here. 
 I hope to "see" you later on today so I won't say "have a lovely day." For those of you overseas, that's one of our more optimistic ways of saying "Goodbye."

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