Monday, January 13, 2020

Refinement, Don't Wait for the Culture to Change

Horrid weather here today but I'm trying to make it a little sunnier with this video for you.

Check out Roxy's new video here Living From Glory to Glory

 Carnations last a long time (at least a month). This is a bouquet from the Walmart and costs $4.95--good deal for the homemaker. It can be divided into smaller bunches and distributed in small containers, even teacups, for bright spots around the house.


Marianne said...

Hi Lydia... Good morning from Alabama where we have had day after day of rain rain rain. Your videos are oh so welcome ! And are truly a bright spot in these January days. Today I put on my makeup, made up two beds, put some clothes away and did up a few breakfast dishes while listening.
have a wonderful and joy filled day!

Lydia said...

Good to hear from you Marianne. Alabama has lots of rain, like Oregon. Only, out here, it seems gloomier!

Christine said...

I always enjoy listening to you speak to us!
Today's subject about disagreeing was right on point. We have some family who love to be disagreeable and aren't easy to be around. If we could just DISAGREE to disagree and have a friendly relationship, both sides would be happy.
Well, today I did my nails while listening to your video. I also played with our puppy (to much snow for an outside romp).
Thank you for sharing Roxy's new venture.

Lydia said...

Hello Lydia,

You always say our comments are your encouragement to keep making these homemaker radio messages... so, I just want you to know how greatly appreciated they are. I enjoyed the last 2 videos with the themes of cleanliness , comfort, and refinement. Our God is a God of beauty and order, and we surely can aspire to reflect this in our homemaking endeavors. I read a terrible comment from somewhere that indicated a clean, orderly home meant that nothing creative was going on! That couldn’t be further from the truth!

While you spoke, I was able to get ready for the day and thoroughly clean my bedroom. Since my bedroom also serves as a sewing room and exercise center(where my treadmill is situated), it collects a lot of dust, thread, and fabric scraps that always needs a good going over.

We have had some very dark January days here as well; it really brightens my day to listen to your broadcasts. Thank you!🙂


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Holly, yes I've seen that awful quote several times!! Yes, we live in our homes, but we deserve the dignity of living like human beings. I've even read where some people say we deserve nothing but I don't mean we demand it. I mean we create comfort and order because we are created in the image of God and reflect his beauty in our homes.

Susan said...

Hello from SC!
I am so happy to have found you on YouTube. I have to say that I have binge- listened as I did chores, got ready for the day, waited for the children to get out of piano lessons, etc. As an almost 50 year old homeschool mom and housewife it is encouraging to hear your talks and I am delighted to have my three youngest girls to listen along. I was wondering if you could speak more on skincare.
Thank you and have a great day.
Susan Watson

Laura Jeanne said...

I love your bouquet - carnations are my favourite. I love the way they smell, and they last so long for the price.

I listened to this talk while I made a batch of scalloped potatoes and some other things for supper. I especially enjoyed your thoughts on refinement - I hadn't really thought before on what the word actually means. So thanks for expanding my horizons today. :)

Robyn G. said...

Hey good day fellow "hommettes"! Lydia, I love your suggest to NOT wait for culture to change ... (because if you read the end of The Book … we know it is not going to change for the better) I've been learning to sew for myself and really REALLY love pretty dresses and skirts that are still functional. What an encouragement for us women to be our most authentically pretty selves, instead of "uglification" … you made me laugh when you said that word in a different video!

Amelia said...

I enjoyed the video, there are so many very, very good things to take away here.

I've always told my girls, we are going to keep our home in that old 40s way, in a good way. We don't have to let the culture in any bad ways come in our home. : )

I bet it was interesting growing up in the 50s. I can see a moral decline in the 50s in movies many times, you can so tell that the war was over and the healthy fear of God was dwindling as people became more comfortable so to speak.

I too love Walmart and it doesn't matter what economical situation we are in, I love Walmart, they seem to have just what I need and in my smalltown next to us, it helps the workers there who have been employed there for years.

Your hairstyle looks very pretty and flattering on you Lydia.

I applied my makeup, put my hair back carefully, even trimming my hair a bit. Got dressed, put some new ebay items in a delicate vinegar wash to get that fabric softener scent off, watered my beloved swedish ivy on my porch.

Enjoyed my visit, and yes, children sooo remember and are lifted up by cheery prints on skirts etc. One of the vivid memories I have is of my mother in a very attractive dress, white with primary colored florals and green vines on it with a cinched waist. She was wearing white backless sandals with a wedge heel. She was pushing me in a toddler swing near our front door. Up above my dad who loved to fly airplanes flew up above and yelled down to us with a leather jacketed arm waving, ..."Hellooooooooo..."

So, yes. What we wear means the world to our world, our children and grown children and grandchildren...and our husbands too.