Monday, January 06, 2020

Pleasant Scenes

We took a scenic route to town and did some business errands today. I thought you might enjoy some of the views around here.

Where there was no traffic, we were able to stop for photos.

Every beautiful picture prompted visions of colorful fabric and country fashions for ladies who walk in the fields of green at the foot of the blue hills. 

There was a loud and violent rain storm here the previous night and it was nice the rain let up long enough to allow me to takes these photos.

In my vast collection of books there is one with shepherdess clothing (smile). If I come across it while I’ll culling and sorting the archives of my house, I will show it to you on video.

This inspired a tea cup to go-with.

It was one of several in a set which my mother in law used.  The saucer is a bygone Corelle by Corning, from another old set, of which the cups are gone, although they are often available at Goodwill.  The tablecloth is from a local farm store, but there is no tag on it with source. 


Aliyah said...

Good morning Mrs. Sherman.
Thank you for the pictures of nature. They made me smile.

Marianne said...

What beautiful scenery in your area!

Rachel and Family said...

We lived in Springfield for 4 years. Oregon is such a beautiful place!
Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures.