Saturday, January 25, 2020

Future Radio Broadcast

Hello Ladies,

It has been so far a very dreary winter, and quite uncomfortable for many people, but I bought some primroses to brighten the porch.

  I think the primroses are your perfect bouquet, and can be used indoors on your tables or kitchen. They have about 12 blossoms on each plant, and what a delight because you can set them outside in summer, and extend the joy.

These cost only $1.50 each--is that not a wonderful bargain for such a burst of freshness and color? You can put them in a pretty plant container or a bowl, without taking them out of the container they are in.

 I hope to broadcast a radio program soon, on various subjects, to hear while you go about your daily work.

Please remember these videos are intended to hear, not watch. Most people are very busy and can't watch videos, so these radio broadcasts are perfect for the homemaker, and are about homemaking, which are helpful to hear while you work.

I couldn't resist showing you this canvas picture at Hobby Lobby, because it is so typical prairie/farm land and buildings.  

As a girl brought up on and by the ocean, with a seafaring father (I even worked on his fishing vessel when I was a teenager), it has taken me a very long time to appreciate the beauty of this land, which is so different than the coast, but now I am finally smitten by every picture I see of a barn!

Regrettably, I left the picture in the Hobby Lobby, waiting til a 50 % off sale. Mr. S. scolds me when I do that, because he says it costs more, when you live at a distance from the Hobby Lobby, to go back again to get the thing you wanted.

I also think I will paint something someday, but I'm in a great upheaval at home, dealing with deep cleaning and "the archives."

I hope to be here on video soon!!

I love you all and thank you for your comments and any donations. I especially thank you for your prayers.



Julie said...

Good morning! I have been visiting your lovely blog since I was a young married homeschooling mother of four. Now I am a long widowed grandmother with two teenage children left at home. You have greatly inspired me over the years with your love of beauty, sewing, homeschooling, and children and family in general.

Sometimes I would print out your articles and put them in my notebook of favorite articles and reading, so they could be referred to again and again. I especially love the article about the effects of architecture on home living. Did you ever hit the nail on the head with that one! (Speaking of that, here is a sweet link I found from another fan of yours about that article.)

Your philosophy on homeschooling also resonated with me, and the way that you incorporated some of it into daily living.

Even though we have different decorating styles, I also appreciate the warmth and beauty in your home! Your love of all things pertaining to the home is contagious!

Now that you are making videos, I copy the url from youtube, change it to an mp3, and transfer it to my mp3 player. Then I listen to it as a podcast while cooking, cleaning, organizing, decorating, gardening, etc. Listening to you makes the tasks go by more quickly! I rarely have time to just watch the videos, although I will from time to time because it's fun to see what you have done inside your pretty home!

I am not a frequent commenter, but I wanted you to know that there are probably many more like me, and you probably reach more people than you know! Thank you for taking the time to share your life and wisdom with your readers! Have a lovely day!

Lydia said...

And since that first post when I had three children at home I have become a grandma of 10! Plus the job of getting the archives in order and the house repainted. Thank you for your encouraging comment. I need to write the architectural story again or speak about it

Julie said...

Yes, another architectural story or video would be very interesting! Especially today when there are so many homes that are difficult to live in.

I know that many people love them, but I am not a fan of the open concept home, even though I live in one. (Down here in SW Florida, most homes are just that, so there was not another option in my price range.) It's cute, but I find it a challenge to make it feel cozy because of the high ceilings and the openness. Whenever there is noise in the kitchen, it disrupts the activities of anyone else in the living space. The cooking mess is on display for all to see, so you have to clean up as you go. The strong cooking smells permeate every corner of the living space. The only quiet place to go is a bedroom. Our parakeets are loud and there is nowhere else to put them. There isn't much privacy, or any nooks and crannies as they say. I've been trying to figure out how to create that cozy, homey feeling here. Sorry to ramble!

Ten grandkids must be so much fun! You are blessed.

Unknown said...

I greatly enjoy your videos! I look forward to each one. I am about to turn 63 in February and love to hear you talk about "the olden days" :) You are so spot on about the home and home life!

Lydia said...

Good afternoon, Lady Lydia.
Rain San Martin, a Christian YouTuber, recommended your blog for reading about homemaking. I am so glad she did; I am learning a lot.
I am 27, blind, and live at home with my mother who works. I took courses at a few junior colleges, but chose to leave and stay at home and become a writer.
What I would like to ask is what are some other activities I can do to keep busy? Are there any good books I can read in ebook form?
I wanted to say what a good job you’re doing with your blog and YouTube channel. I enjoy it very much.
I also want to say how sorry I am about those who criticize and abuse you. I don’t believe you are racist or fake at all. I am African American and don’t believe you would look down on me whatsoever.
I thank you for reading my note and hope you have a wonderful day.


Lydia said...

Dear Kayla,
The most common thing to accuse anyone of is racism. When people have no real intellectual argument, they resort to accusations and slander. But like Diamond and Silk say (YouTube sisters who talk about conservative politics), your haters make you greater. In my case I determined to outlast them and move forward and develop new ideas. The triumphant thing in my life is the success of my children, which is something the haters cannot ruin or scandalize.

The most profound book I have read that would be of interest to you, which may be online and free domain, is Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington. It is inspiring because he described how one of his teachers, though he considered her higher than him in education, stayed after school to clean up the classroom and wash the chalk board. From that, he learned not just to be content to be a leader but to be a servant. He felt a strong urge to prepare the former slaves to work for themselves and he developed the Tuskegee Institute to teach skills and attitudes. By the 1960’s that group of Americans were improving and growing in wealth and achievement at a faster rate than other groups of people.There were also many preachers of the gospel who brought in many souls in the churches.

There are also homemaking books available to read online and perhaps you might find them by doing a search. Tea books, as well.

i will publish your letter on comments on my blog soon.

In Christ,

Aliyah said...

Lovely flowers.