Monday, January 20, 2020

Twelve Things You Can Do, Yourself

Hello Ladies,

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I was inspired today but a lot of things I saw, and I want to share with you how you can do it yourself, beautifully, your own way, suitable for your life and your home.

1.  Your Own Notepad and Schedule/List/Appointment Book.

Make your own list pads using Dollar Tree items or cut up some paper and make a stack of your own.

2. Your own florals.

Using Dollar Tree floral bushes, try making your own bouquets to brighten the house, or find any fresh, free greenery outside to put in a vase or floral oasis.  I have a sage bush (the kind you use in cooking), and dusty miller, as well as other green things, that freshen the air inside the house when put in a dish. You do not need real vases because you can use tin cans and jars once they are emptied.

3. If you have bookshelves and quite a few books, line them up according to color to compliment the other furnishings in your house.

4. Leave your bathroom beautifully cleaned and arranged, as though you are a guest coming to a fancy hotel. It will give you a feeling of dignity every time you get ready in the morning.

5. Pause throughout the day to be thankful for some small privilege or for any blessing.

6. Dress the best you can that is appropriate for the home.   Wear pretty clothes, make your appearance beautiful, paying special attention to your hair and face. 

7. Call someone to wish them a blessed day and ask if there is anything they need prayer for, or anything within your ability to do for them.

8. Say "thank you" to anyone who serves you in the public, from the grocery store to those who let you go first or open doors for you.
(Ladies, I am looking to buy this pattern. It is 1990's or maybe 1980's McCalls 7956)

9. Plan your year's clothing on paper, sketching the things you want for various weather conditions, events, and daily things.

10. Pick up after yourself and put things away immediately.

The book pictured here is called "Tea With Jane Austen" by Pen Vogler. Check Thrift Books online for availability.

11. Make breakfast from natural ingredients, perhaps learning something new, and serve it on your best dishes. Drink from a tea cup.

12. Clean or sort through something you have been putting off, every day. Create something pretty.

 These things do not "solve" any deep problems, but they lighten the burdens a little when you are pressed with things.


living from glory to glory said...

Good Afternoon Lydia,
This was a wonderful Blog Post! Great ideas and I so agree with you! Having a beautiful life or home does not need to cost a fortune! Enjoyed the photo of the barn also!! You have always found such lovely art work! You have great taste...
Blessings, Roxy

Amelia said...

I just purchased several bouquets of bright spring flowers including yellowish roses, fuschia and different pretty colors from Dollar Tree yesterday to put on the table for my mother's 90th little birthday lunchie get-together with my girls. I also bought pale yellow plates from there as well, I plan on using it on a green tablecloth in a few weeks. I was so stressed from a busy part of town, I told my husband to please take me to the next little town to a semblence of peace and quiet and of course...Dollar Tree. *big smile*

ann said...

good morning
That was very good advice. I wish i had someone like you as a mentor when I was younger.
Thank you Ann

Aliyah said...

Good evening. I finally found time to read your post and it was so usefull. Dollar Tree is a great store. Thanks for sharing.😄

Kevyn Webber said...

I enjoyed this post very much, I loved all of these little tips. Right now, I am currently making a dress and I am very excited to see how it comes out. Thank you for the inspiration and God bless!

Laura Lane said...

Good advice dear. Thank you.

Songsparrowgarden said...

How lovely Lydia. . I've been feeling oppressed taking care of my mentally and physically handicapped husband and still working full time. This post lifted my spirits. . so very sweet. Just what I needed to keep me from falling into a pit of despair. thank you!!!

Homemaker's Heart said...

You inspire me so much! I love these ideas. Sometimes I look around and wonder what can I create or do, and reading this list gives me great ideas. I will write it in my planner so I can use it as I am going through my days.

Things like this help me to think outside my little ways of my daily usual.

Good to see your examples too. I am a visual and tactile learner. So when I see it, it helps me to create something - not the same- but with inspiration.

Hugs to you,

Renee said...

Love all the lovely inspirations can I please ask what is that book you have with the tea.

Renee said...

Love all the lovely inspirations may i ask what is that book by the tea and could you post a list of your favourite lovely books to inspire.thank you Renee

Lydia said...

Renee the book is "Poems of Love" by Gail Harvey, which I bought in the 1990's, and is available for $4.95 at Thrift Books.

Lydia said...

I am mistaken, as I think you are referring to the book shown in this post. I thought you meant a previous post that has a red book in it called Poems of Love. I do not know about this book, as it is a picture I had in my files and have not found the book and can't remember where the picture came from.

Alex said...

Hi Songsparrowgarden , saw this post as another blog reader- my prayers for you, today, wherever you are...caring for someone full time is hard - look after yourself, as much as you can. So glad that you got a lift in spirits from lady Lydia's excellent tips. God bless you X

Renee said...

Ok thank you so much have a lovely day Renee in Idaho

Lydia said...

Renee, I found that book you asked about. It is called "Tea With Jane Austen" by Pen Vogler, from Thriftbooks. I am hoping to read from it in a future radio broadcast.

Julie said...

Speaking of do it yourself flowers and ideas, maybe you would enjoy watching this great lady on youtube named Toni Scott-Daniel with a channel called "Your House a Home TV", who is so creative and fun to watch! I have never seen anyone who is so full of endless inexpensive craft ideas for beautifying the home. She shows you how to make jewelry boxes, crystal lamps, mosaic tile birdbaths, tablescapes, and an endless variety of home things with materials that are either re-purposed or from the Dollar Store or Goodwill.

Lydia said...

Julie I think I have already subscribed to her channel!! Its lovely!