Thursday, January 30, 2020

Curtain Options

Out here in a more private and country setting, window coverings are not necessary for privacy. However, many of us prefer curtains and shades to protect the inside from harsh sunlight  or to cover the evening darkness with something more colorful. We, none of us, enjoy looking at black windows and curtains provide a soft shield and a bright spot.

The wired pearl tie-backs are actually a garland from Hobby Lobby found in the wedding department for just a few dollars when they are half price.  These can be used as decor in other ways, as well. 

This is my new dining room curtain and you would be pleasantly surprised at all the options we have for curtains. There was an era where the drapery hardware was so complicated that none of it would accommodate a simple hand sewn rod-pocket curtain.

I removed all the 1960's hardware and put up something more simple on which to place curtain rings and soft fabric.

My windows are 130 inches wide so it is quite expensive to even make the curtains myself. When the home sewn ones needed replaced, I found an easy answer at a grocery store called Grocery Outlet. You might have something like that in your town.

These were cloth shower curtains with a windowpane texture, as you can see. I used the plastic liner that came with the curtains in one of our bathrooms, and was happy to have the curtain rings that were included in the package,  on a pretty rod that I got at Walmart. 

The curtains look so professional that you would not know they were shower curtains, and since I needed a quantity of them, the price was just right: $7 each, and I needed 4.. They hang with folds that look like professional drapery. 

I like the idea of inexpensive curtains because  it is more economical to change the style or color.

Please click to enlarge, and then again, to see the waffle-weave texture. I'm enjoying seeing these cheerful curtains as I walk through a room.


Feminine Belle said...

You know, simplistic features used in a creative way are becoming popular once more.

I actually pulled out some older curtains recently and placed them in our room. The difference was as in night and day compared to others I had up before. Now the youngest family member can have a pair of curtains which we did not have to go out and buy.

That feels good!

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

We just got a Grocery Outlet after months of NIMBY attitudes and it's a great market. I like their produce and find some good deals on most things. They have an awesome wine department. I've not seen shower curtains at ours.
We took down the blinds that were in our living room and got verticals at Lowes. So much nicer and we are pleased with them. Only God knows how long the ones that were here were up. There were wooden blinds in our bedroom and kitchen and I'd like to replace them as well. We had a solid door for our back door but my husband found a windowed door with a dog door and we put that up and I put curtains on it.
I've made great progress cleaning the kitchen, that raises my spirits.

Lydia said...

Ann its amazing what a lift a little cleaning will do. I resist it and pay the price of the depressed mood. Tonight though I'm laying around but I know in the morning things always seem a lighter load.

Lydia said...

Feminine Belle it’s nice to reassign curtains to other rooms and use them several more times

lynn maust said...

They worked out well for you!

Julie said...

Your curtains are lovely, and so is the room.
I replaced some noisy old Venetian blinds with a long curtain rod and some pretty curtains, but after a year, the curtain rod fell out of the wall and after several different attempts, I can't get it back up. The wall crumbles with the use of anchors and makes a hole in the wall. They don't seem to make walls in these newer houses like they use to! So for now we have no curtain or covering on a 3 door slider. At least we live in a rural area with a pretty view, and not many people drive by at night. I always liked the idea of bringing the outdoors in.
On a more positive note, I put white lace curtains on all of the French doors in the house and am loving the pretty effect of the lace, which also gives a feeling of some privacy, although they are semi-transparent. I love the way lace softens and brings beauty to a home atmosphere.