Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Creating Separate Spaces in Open Floor Plans

There was an interesting question I have been thinking about, concerning the problem of open-floor plans.  Or, sometimes a room is too long and needs to be divided.  Here are some ideas about sectioning off rooms without walls.

One lady took her book shelves, which were rather tall, and placed them between the kitchen and the living room., with the backs toward the kitchen, so that they looked like a wall. She placed a narrow table there on the kitchen side, to serve as a type of buffet table. I was impressed with it, but it was back in the day when it wasn't a custom to take a picture, so all you have to use is my description here. 

Others have found these folding screens from Hobby Lobby useful for their purposes:

Several things you will need to be aware of when using room dividers like these.

 They will need something to stabilize the screen, as it is easily knocked over unless it has some heavy potted plants at the base on both sides (real or artificial), or you can use an attractive chair on each side, or perhaps a narrow table for writing, or books or some other decorative display.
I received several requests about this book which is depicted in this picture from Pinterest. It turns out that I have this book and will review it for you on a video.  It is called, "Tea With Jane Austen" and is available at Thriftbooks. I like using Thriftbooks because they sometimes have free postage and after a number of book purchases, will let you choose a free book.

Things are getting more orderly around here and I'm collecting some thoughts for the time that I will sit still and chat with you on video while you go about your daily routine.

Thank you for your love. Thank you for your comments!! Thank you for your sweet donations, and especially for your prayers.


Julie said...

Thank you for letting us know about Thrift Books! I needed two extra books for school, and have already saved $6.00 from what I would have spent on amazon,and even got an extra book! (The Tea with Jane Austen that you recommended.)

Thank you for the idea of room dividers. I had never really thought about those, but it's an interesting idea for open concept homes. It might help to create a feeling of a separate space, as well as add some cozyness. I also found some pretty hanging room divider panels with birds and flowers on them, that could be used to give an illusion of a separate space. Here's a link. I am considering something like these for my dining area. Have a great day!


Lydia said...

Julie, yes, Thriftbooks and even Abe Books is much more affordable than Amazon, and often free postage and free books. Although some are used books, the ones I have ordered have been like new. Their prices are better for new books.

Julie said...

Thank you, Lydia. I will be sure to check out Abe Books too.

Laura Jeanne said...

Across the front of our old farmhouse is a long room which is awkward. I used to be a parlour and diningroom, but at some point somebody took down the wall. We use the old parlour for a small livingroom, and the old diningroom for our school room. We have a sectional sofa in the living room part, placed so that the back faces into the center of the room. We plan soon to get an antique side board to place against it to further create a division between the two rooms. I like the room dividers you pictured - however, our house is really so small and cramped that I don't think we would have room for one of those, so we have to be creative with furniture placement instead.

Aliyah said...

Thank you for sharing such lovely home decore ideas.😀

Lydia said...

Furniture placement is an easy and creative way to divide rooms, and has been used in famous old hotels to creat conversation areas in the lobbies

JOYce said...

bookfinder.com is a lovely website to search for books, new and used. <3

Feminine Belle said...

Wish there was a place to like all these wonderful commenters!