Saturday, December 22, 2018


This week we were on a series of physician, surgeon, injury nurse and therapist appointments for Mr. S. in regard to his foot injury a few weeks ago.  Everyone is keeping records of his progress and  says he is going to survive and perhaps work by the sweat of his handsome brow for 20 more years.

As we were walking through the halls of the hospital (where many Doctor offices are located these days)  we came to a little shop that opens once a year and is owned by a man from Bolivia who sells Alpaca products. He saw Mr. S. and declared that he really liked his black hat and wanted to know where he got it.  

But of course you know this friendly man was trying to sell Mr. S. something, and of course you know Mr. S. was keenly interested in a jacket and a pair of socks. Since Mr. S. knew he would not be going to Bolivia any time soon, he thought to himself, "Since I cannot go to Bolivia, Bolivia must be brought to me."

Upon examining the beautiful fabric, I ignorantly asked Mr. Manos if it was wool, to which he replied,  almost indignantly, "No wool in my store. Although its okay for some people." His tone was one of "Everyone has their level!"  He explained the superiority of Alpaca to me and then I saw the sign.  I got a good history, geography and textile lesson from him.

I liked this green pullover sweater but couldn't think of anyone in my family that liked that color, so I passed it by; but it was hard. I almost got it just to look at. 

Mr. S. wore the hooded sweater all the way home and then declared he would wear it next Sunday .

As I may have told you, I have almost every tie he has ever worn, and they are all organized according to color family, so I was able immediately to pick out four ties I thought would go with this jacket:

This yellow one was my choice, because it is also very shiny, which I thought a good contrast with the matte sweater fabric:

At Ladies Bible Class I showed the ladies my choices and asked their opinions on the matter. They all agreed the choices were so well coordinated with the jacket, that he should wear the jacket four Sundays with four different ties:

This black tie with tigers seems to go well:

This is a photo at home after we bought the sweater:


Linda said...

Mr.S does look quite handsome, as always.

Lynn said...

You must have felt encouraged that Mr. S probably has another 20 years....and he looks very handsome in the photo....does he like the alpaca fibers?

Lydia said...

All the physicians urge Mr. S. to take Vitamin C, eat substantial protein and sleep throughout the recovery period, in order to aid healing. Mr. S. says alpaca is softer and has more space between the fibers, and didn't make him feel overheated like wool sometimes does. He said he was able to wear it in a warm room and yet not have to remove it. Highly recommended.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Gorgeous jacket and of course Mr Stan looks spiffy. I love alpaca, it’s so soft. Merry Christmas !

Amy B said...

What a very nice jacket and Mr. S looks handsomely in it. Alpaca, I hear, is difficult to knit with but worth it. Have a merry Christmas!🎄