Sunday, December 02, 2018

Cold Outside

It is so rare to catch a picture of Mr. S. in his Sunday-go-to-meetin' suit. He chanages when he gets home into his plaid flannel shirt. In the olden days after church, people would have their pictures taken on the steps of the church. Does anyone remember that?  And the preacher's family often did, as the children grew, for a record of where they were serving.

As he was walking past our beloved brown Scotsdale, I got this wonderful pic. He has a vast collection of ties from way back when he was younger; you wouldn't believe it. There is one for every Sunday for the rest of his life, I am sure!!  I still have the ties my mother sent him after she first met him.  Because she didn't know any men who wore ties, Mr. S. was her favorite tie recipient.

Now here is one of me as we were on our way home today, braving the cold breeze.

 I cut some cedar branches for the tables over at the meeting house kitchen, where there will be a church dinner later. This is such a wonderful, free decoration; something that would cost a lot from a florist. Other ladies will add ribbons and ornaments to the branches laid on the tables, and I will try to remember to get pictures.

I regret I didn't get pictures of our last Ladies Bible Class tea party, but as you know, it is really easy to be so busy living life that you forget to record it.

The outfit I am wearing is a corduroy suit in a deep red, from Chandwicks, which I ordered many years ago. 

I thought  many of you having a "truck crush" would like to see the old Scotsdale again which is one of the things that's paid for around here. Mr. S. always tells me not to get rid of it because we might have to live in it someday.  If that is a possibility I have great plans for its improvement.

The weather is actually quite mild; only uncomfortably windy.
I found this cup today. I had put it down while checking the mail at the end of the drive, walked by it on the way into the house, and then searched all over the place for it. It is one of the things people laugh about around here, as they find cups in unusual places.


Unknown said...

You look so lovely, Lydia!! What a distinguished-looking couple you are. Your blog always warms my heart.

Outdoors said...

Your outfit is so pretty. I love that colour. I hope me and my husband will age as gracefully as you and Mr. S, if you do not mind me saying this.

Lynn said...

Your cup picture is humorous, Lydia and your 'story' that goes with it...your suit is pretty.
I would like to know what brand of truck your truck is...

Laura Jeanne said...

I love your red suit and I think it's perfect for this time of year!

Lydia said...

Curtains in the windows...happy thought indeed!