Thursday, December 06, 2018

Updated Hospital

Just a few pics of the modern American hospital lobby...or is it a hotel?

Of course I think this is beautiful. One of my sons and his construction crew built the entrance and lobby you see here.

He was here visiting his Dad and telling what a colossal pain it was to put in some of the special features, the accidents, the drama of building such a structure.

Or is it an airport?

Art gallery?

Cultural Center?

The man with the guitar goes from room to room playing softly to the patients.
This is the plaque in Mr. S.'s room.


Blessed Homemaking said...

Wow, that is a very nice hospital lobby! I hope your husband is feeling better. I have had cellulitis before, and it is not fun. I imagine he's having antibiotics, so it would be good if he also took probiotics as well--I believe it's 2-3 hours away from the antibiotics? You probably already knew this though ♥♥

Laura Jeanne said...

My goodness! I've never seen a hospital in Canada that looks like that. What a blessing it must be to the patients of this one, to see something beautiful upon arriving.

Lydia said...

I brought him some probiotic foods. This hospital is an interesting place. Inside each room is a cross above the door. They are very cooperative about diet and pure foods. Years ago when I was in this hospital a man was going from room to room and asking patients if he could pray with them for healing. A paper from the hospital said they want to combine prayer with treatment. There is something reassuring about the atmosphere

Christine said...

Dear Lydia,

What a lovely place, and the fact they allow the crosses is such a blessing. I shall prayer for Mr Sherman’s swift recovery, as well as your endurance in travelling and safety travelling back and forth to hospital.


Lynn said...

My goodness...that is quite a place! And to learn your son was involved in it's construction is quite a surprise too! I am impressed!

Lynn said...

I just read your note about prayer being used there...that is just wonderful. I am glad for you both that Stanley is there.

Maggie said...

I’m so sorry your husband is in the hospital. Praying he recovers quickly.

The hospital I had my kids in was very new addition to the Texas Medical Center and the moms that had uncomplicated deliveries and no diet restrictions could order spa treatments and a steak & champagne dinner. The bathrooms were right out of a fancy hotel as the tiled showers had multi heads and a bench. That was my favorite feature. The hospitals nowadays are really striving for making the patients as comfortable as possible as they’re practically hotels. Many of our local ones now have beautiful lobbies with water feature.

Polly said...

A cross in every room? That is wonderful. What a special place.