Sunday, December 09, 2018

Foreign Object

Hospital Seating Area 
Metal rail with wrought iron grass and cattails.

Hello Ladies,

This hospital visit, because of a swelling in Mr. S.'s foot, turned into a puzzling situation.  No matter what the treatment, it just would not heal and actually got worse.

Since it was initially a strep infection, one of the children said he thought strep was only a throat infection. The other one replied,  "Maybe he injured his foot on his toothbrush."

Finally, in a surgical procedure to remove the swollen area, the doctor found a piece of wood an inch long and removed it.

So our rellies, with their dried out humor are sending songs to cheer him up:

Wood you like to swing on a star.
Wooden it be lovely 
At least you don't have a wooden heart.
They are telling him to stay away from campfires.

If this heals as expected, Mr. S. Will be dismissed from his gilded cage in two days.

He had no recollection of the wood getting there and thinks it was planted there by an alien as we drove through Area 51 in October. He reads about people that find foreign objects like transistors, under their skin.

Because all I have left to talk about is the quirks of the employees, I'm glad he is being dismissed before he gets time to tell the alien story again. It draws too many visitors.

Mr. S. says he is glad to be out of the woods.


Laura Jeanne said...

Oh my goodness! I'm glad they finally found the source of the problem, and were able to remove it. No wonder he was in pain!

Lydia said...

Laura Jeanne, that is a mystery solved, but how it got there without notice is another mystery

Lydia said...

I will try to get that straightened out tonight! Thanks for telling me.

Amy B said...

Oh goodness. I’m so glad they found the source of the problem and now Mr. S can concentrate on healing. So good to hear you’ll be released soon. It is difficult to get a good rest in a strange bed. I do appreciate you’ve kept good spirits, too.

Christine said...

Glad Mr. S is “out of the woods” and I’m bet you are glad the wood is out of him!

vintage ellen said...

My son got an infection from a thorn in the palm of his hand when he was in third grade. Although he spent time in the hospital and had surgery many years later it continued to bother him. When he was 25 he had another surgery where a 1/2 inch splinter was found. We were so grateful for that surgeon! Glad that the doctors kept searching for the problem with your husband. Wishing him a quick recovery.

Lydia said...

A friend told us that his daughter, eho is now 30, was in a car accident when she was a teenager, abd got a lot of glass pushed into her arm at the time. Even niw, she is still finding glass that is being pushed out of her arm! This may be the case with the wood, except we can't remember a particular incident where it may have initially got under his skin. His foot is now healing, no longer red and swollen.

Lydia said...

I'm using the tiny keys on my phone, hence the typos

Courtney Downs said...

I love the humor in your posts! You all are a comical bunch!

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

You know that he can't resist an alien challenge! Maybe the wood was in there for a long time. My stepdad had a weird bulge on the side of his abdomen, went in, had an xray and they found a small pin. Had no idea how it got there or where it might have migrated from. Strange things these bodies we use.

Feminine Belle said...

Should we start addressing him by Captain Long John Silver or peg leg? ;-)

Rhonda said...

Happy News! So glad to hear it!

Janet W. said...

So glad your husband is feeling better and healing.
Still having trouble posting. Not sure my comment will show up but will try again.
Thank you for sharing.
Janet Westrup