Monday, December 17, 2018

Little Bits of Cheer Around My House

We have been so busy around here we have missed half of the season, and my decorations have been leaner than previous years. However, here is a peek at a few little things from room to room.  Last year I used red throughout the house, and this year I am having a white and silver theme. Through the window in the photo above is a small bit of sparkle,

...and here are some led light trees from Dollar Tree, beside a tin house, with a light shining through the windows.
Inside one of the small bedrooms is a lantern and another battery operated candle.

It is always nice to look through the china cabinet window and see cups I found in other towns.

How about these cute ice skate ornaments from Walmart?  I remember years ago making a full size pair of these with white glitter felt and glitter paint. I might still have them. I did put a pattern for them on the blog.

Not festive, but a little corner on top of a desk:  It is always nice to walk past some of these places that used to be dark and not noticeable, since I put something there that is light.

Trucks with trees are such a big deal, everywhere you look.

I got a picture of this book while I was passing the magazine rack at the grocery store. Yep, its got a truck on the cover.  Last year I sent out red truck cards.

 The children like this truck with the tree, and ask every year if I can find it. Actually that's a legitimate concern, as there is another one of these trucks I can't find.  I'm just going to have to get myself some new toys.  

Not a great deal of festivity here, but you can see the fake holly vines with a string of led lights on the mantel. On the left is a pretty sage green candle jar, with a candle scent called "Party Dress."  It is so interesting to find the creative names of things, including fabrics with names like "carnation" or "thistle."

 One of the bedrooms with a daybed:

 I like this indoor lamp post. I'd love to have them out on the porch but the wind would do them in.

Led lite candles in the dark windows are nice to see from the outside, too. I like putting the Dollar Tree battery candles on all the window sills and then going outside in the dark to see what it looks like.

The doll house is lit up by a string of lights, although you can't see it very well,

 and inside there is a tree:

This metal  thing with flowers is laced with lights:

There isn't much color but I'm enjoying the peaceful look of silver and white. 

This year, like last, we are enjoying the lights, and not putting the ornaments on. Instead, I have ornaments in baskets and other containers. 

The guest room has a white tree.
A corner of the smaller guest room.
I managed to find a couple of lanterns, and looking for more. I want one in every room, one in the hall, and one in the laundry room. I like that they are battery operated.
This year, TJ Maxx (Home Goods) had a limited supply of Friendly Village plates, which Mr. S. has a liking for, so I got a few of them, although the scene looks cold and bleak to me! These are a Johnson Bros. production, probably stoneware, and cost $4.00 each.

Scene in the larger guest room.

I think the snowman on this ceramic cottage is way out of proportion.

It is possible that I will add pictures of other rooms, such as dining, kitchen and bathroom, which have lights and other things of the season. You will also see some front porch pictures added here.


living from glory to glory said...

Very cozy! I love all the extra lights through the house. I just enjoy seeing what your up to. I have so enjoyed all the Christmas lights. Merry Christmas to you and Mr.S
Hugs, Roxy

ChiChi Mum said...

Your decor is fab. You have found some great dollar tree lights, and especially the little trees. Thank you for sharing and Merry Christmas.."Peace on Earth Goodwill to Men".

Jaclyn Juliette said...

Thank you for sharing these photos! Everything looks so cozy and magical! A true Winter Wonderland. I wish I could share a photo of my living room. The walls are a deep forest green (all year round) with gold frames/lamps/curtain rods and now it looks wonderful in the Christmas season with the addition of the tree and garland and lots of red plaid pillow covers that I made a few years ago.
- Jackie from NYC

vintage ellen said...

A very peaceful Christmas decor. It doesn't shout "LOOK AT ME!" Lovely.

Lydia said...

jaclyn I'd like to see it!

Lydia said...

Ann, feel free to come up and stay with us and get sick of the rain, anytime!

Laura Jeanne said...

Everything looks just wonderful. You truly are an artist, Lydia! And you have done such an excellent job of decluttering. I could never put decorative touches on any of my furniture (such as desks or tables) because it's always covered in other stuff. Maybe some day I'll get there...

Janet W. said...

It certainly looks like you’ve taken a lot of time working on your home, your attention to detail is beautiful.
I enjoy seeing the way you have used your battery operated lamps around the house. My husband found some of those lamps at a yard sale for me and I put battery operated candles in them with timers and put some on my mantle and some on my front porch to welcome guests.
Thank you for sharing.
Merry Christmas, Janet Westrup.

Unknown said...

I love seeing pictures of your home at Christmas.