Friday, December 07, 2018

Is This a Hospital?

Above: a flower arrangement in the dining room.

It's been such a pleasant stay in spite of Mr. S. injury, and I took some pictures around this vast hospital. The fineness of it made me think of a high end food court,

and the dining room had such beautiful views:

Signs urging good nutrition:

The Internet cafe:

espresso bar:

I like this: Be Merry. Be nice.

The River View Cafe: there really is a river view.

The conference centers, which were numerous, had buffets of fresh food.

A chapel provides a quiet and private place:

The phyicians, hospital personnel, and visitors mingle in the lobby. Today it was crowded with people at the tables having lunch. Someone playing the grand piano was treating every one to Charlie Brown Christmas tunes.

Mr. S.'s room with a view:
That's the guest bed.

The Gideon's had supplied New Testament with Psalms, free to take home.

A friend came with a tea party

Inside the hospital bathrooms, decorated with  framed reproduction of vintage signs for washing hands back in the late Victorian/early 1900's:

Some American hospitals are amazing. Also there are screens where they show you updates on your condition, from reports and from examination. Mr. S.'s charts are in full view, so we know what is going on. "We have no secrets here."

Someone left a comment about the luxury of staying in a Texas hospital. I walked around today and saw many of those same healing luxuries.

Before we arrived here on Tuesday, Mr. S. Wanted to stop and get some toothcare supplies. While we were in the store, a text came in that said, "Papa, Walmart is NOT Urgent-Care" We wonder if the phone tracking app is worth it. We can't get away with anything. 

Mr. S. Has had 6 visitors that came and visited quite a long time, because he told each one of them about being stung in that same foot by a Portuguese man of war jelly fish in the ocean in Jamaica in 1985. He thinks that had something to do with the condition of his foot.

Most of his visitors were hospital employees on their work breaks. 

They showed me how to change the bandages on Mr. S.'s foot and now they are going to watch me do it myself, so I hope to pass the test. Then, we can go home. Mr. S. Has been told not to sit so much while working so we are designing a stand-up work desk for him. Also, his health is quite good. 


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

So glad that the S man is doing better. Will he have to have IV antibiotics at home? The hospital is lovely. The one my mom was in had been remodeled several times and she was in the newest wing. Her first room was high enough to see all the way to downtown LA (17 miles) and her next room was overlooking the Torrance airport. The staff was so good to her.

Those stand up computer desks are nice. We had one in the classroom I took my MicroSoft Office class at. One of the ladies who had a bad back used it when she was uncomfortable.

Christine said...

Both you and Mr. S find JOY in the mist of turmoil.
Bless you both.
Did you pass the bandage test?

Lynn said...

It's very encouraging to hear his health is very good...and that you both will be going home....that is quite a gorgeous hospital...I especially was impressed with the large lobby with the huge fireplace...the piano is a good addition too...we have one in our large hospital in Altoona, Pa. Glad someone at your place was playing it while you were there....ours was being played too when I had to go to the hospital. Stanley's view from his room was also incredibly beautiful....I am sure you both were happy to experience well as having a guest bed in his room....I wish the same was available in my mom's room...I had to use a motel...which cost money.

Lynn said...

Yes...having a standup desk is most healthful for any of us....I have a link to a blogger who sends out health info and one is about how sitting too much is bad for us.

Linda said...

So happy to hear Mr.S is better and going home.

Unknown said...

Hi Mrs.Sherman. what happened? Why is he in hospital? Please send my love and good wishes. God bless.

Unknown said...

Hallo Mrs.Sherman. he's in hospital? So sorry to hear. Please send my love and good wishes to him. God bless you guys