Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Another Day Out

  Hello Dear Ones,

I suppose many of you are overwhelmed, trying to get home life calm and collected again after an eventful day.  While cleaning the kitchen I found this darling cup someone had given me at church. It says "Then sings my soul." I love it and will take it with me for car travel tea when we head out to the 5th Sunday area-wide singing next Sunday.
We have been out and about for various things and once again passed by this verdent pasture, though the marvelous Kelly green does not show well in the photos.
I found this cotton fabric at HL and am eagerly anticipating making a dress.
If it turns out okay I'll show it here.

Ladies thanks for being "with" us on the hospital journey and for checking here in your daily life. I hope I can create the blog into something that gives you inspiration for your home life.

On our visit to the wound care center of that huge fancy hospital, one of the assistants filled a bag for me of all the gauze, silver(mineral) pads and saline, and when I got home I discovered she had placed a sample Avon lipstick in the bag. I haven't seen those cute miniature samples in years and sometimes wondered if they still existed. 


Kathy said...

Dear Lady Lydia, your delightful blog always gives me sweet inspiration for my home life. How fun to find a cute little Avon sample lipstick in your bag. I remember those well and haven't seen them in quite a while.

Blessings to you and yours from Kathy in the Sierra foothills of California.

Mallorie said...

Wow Kathy, we are neighbors! I live in Fresno. My husband's grandparents live in Auberry and my in-laws lived in the foothills below Prather for 10 years, but moved to Idaho last June. Small world!

Kathy said...

Hi Mallorie, we are in Sonora. Yes, it is a small world! Nice to "meet" you!