Saturday, December 29, 2018

Working at Home

Hello Ladies,

Those of you at home will identify with the myriad of things that need doing and the things that never end, or never get finished, so I won't go into too much detail here!  I am developing new habits so that my house can be spur-of-the-moment ready or surprise-ready at all times. I like the surprise-ready expression the best. Not long ago another lady in the church called to say she was in the area and was going to drop by my house if I was home. I saw the value in at least having the entry room company ready.

I took a break from work at home,  and walked around Hobby Lobby. Do you ever just walk around in there and take notes of things you like?  I have a notebook in my purse and I love to write down the items I like and why they remind me of something.

So, a few days ago when we were out and about, I walked around the old-truck decor aisles. A friend  told me of a group called "The Red Truck Society" and I had never heard of it. Apparently it's a big deal, even on social media.  

These are not all red trucks but they are all sentimental to us.  Do you think the styles will ever come back in "real trucks"?
In this picture below, there is a red truck on the upper left that looked like a toy truck.

There were a number of wall hangings with trucks on them, and garage paraphernalia .

Back in the day, you could tinker with the motor and replace parts using old broken down trucks you had  parked out in the pasture.

Remember Route 66? That's Interstate 40 now, I think. On our trip, which I blogged about recently, we traveled in Kingman to Flagstaff Arizona which covers the old Route 66 area.  There was quite a bit of Route 66 decor there.

 Old-Truck paintings were in good supply there too, although I didn't get photos of them all.

People in America and Canada who live in the country like to keep their grandfather's truck as a memento, even if it does not work.  Out here where I live, it is more of a status symbol to drive an old truck than a new one, and is especially popular with the teen aged guys and gals. They love driving old trucks.

The nice thing about the decor trends is that even if you can't live on a farm or have an old truck, you can express your fondness for that life by embellishing your home with the art.

I became attracted to home decor in the 70's when I discovered that it made housekeeping a lot more interesting and motivating. I loved adding that finishing touch, even if it was just a little jar of daisies on the sink.

Since Mr. S. is recovering so nicely, I have been able to concentrate more on my housekeeping and it feels good to be more orderly and know where things are.  Many of the things Mr. S. has done over the years, such as getting the car repaired, tires replaced, house repair, tree trimming, downtown business, bill paying, and so forth, I have been doing.  His doing it all is why I was free to keep house and concentrate on cooking and sewing.  It will be nice to have him back at his usual business so I can do more at home, including hospitality. He is up and about more now, and that is good. He is actually in better health than he has been in a long time. 

Every week I host a Ladies Bible Class in my home, and provide a tea-luncheon, so I enjoy having the house ready for these dear ladies who depend on this weekly class for their r and r. They are farm ladies who work hard on the land and in their own homes, so the tea and Bible class is something of a luxury for them.

I do hope all is well with you all, too. Here's a clever truck craft from Pinterest:


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

When I met my husband he had a red step side Chevy pickup. We did a lot of work on it, replaced the clutch, did the brakes 2 times, and kept it running. Finally it died a good death. We sold it and I never saw it again. When we lived on a street that had sweeping one day a week on one side and the next day on the other side, I'd have to get in the truck and move it. I was never good with a clutch, but I managed to get it moved.
We left it at my moms house when we went on vacation and she moved it. She said a clutch is a clutch and she learned to drive on a tractor in the 1930's on the farm. Back in the day when drivers licenses weren't needed for farm kids.
If I had my druthers, I'd buy a truck instead of a car, but that idea keeps getting shot down.

MillersBend said...

Your doing a wonderful thing with your bible study for the ladies. There is just something about old trucks. We had one 42 years ago, had to park it on a hill so I could pop the clutch just to get it going, lol Happy New Year!