Monday, December 24, 2018

Those Little Things

We have a bit of rest between hospital visits and so today I'm using the opportunity to post some trivialities around here. Mr. S. is doing well and drove himself to the last Dr. appointment. It was not his driving foot that was injured. 

These battery operated candle lanterns are getting a lot more affordable than when they first came out, so now I have a couple of them to light the way all year long. 

This Christmas teapot is just right with pink and green and roses. Notice the bow on the lid makes it look like a gift, wrapped. I would be interested in finding out if there are any other coordinating pieces, such as tea cups, to this. 

It is a ceramic with no printing on the under side, so I called it the glazed striped ribbon with roses tea pot.

Outside, I put a fresh garland arrangement that someone made me, from Idaho, in this wrought iron lantern like pedestal stand.

I get the biggest giggle out of these red truck with tree pictures I see everywhere, including the paper plates, above, and the calendar, below.

 Did you notice that beautiful green field in the picture?  I saw something like this today when I was walking about, getting fresh air:

This beautiful color in the pasture must be what is called Kelly Green.
I do so want to wrap myself in a piece of fabric the same color, and I'm going to Hobby Lobby later on and look in their fabric department for something close to this color. I'm what is called a "summer" but sometimes I can wear colors with a bit more yellow in them. Of course I could always change my hair color to match: green, yellow, etc. There are so many more choices than there used to be. you really think I would do that.

Inside, there are small trees with no ornaments. I quite like it that way. I put the ornaments in clear glass bowls and containers. 

Mr. S. is doing just fine and I expect to put him back to work around here, soon. Here he is getting ready to teach the Sunday morning Bible class, and he has his one foot perched on a cushion on a chair. He preached from the pulpit, standing up and walking around slightly, to exercise his foot. There isn't anything wrong with his voice.

He didn't pull the "Will I be able to play the piano when my foot is better"* joke, but I can tell by the wry one-sided hint of a smile, he is thinking of something new to say on his next visit to the hospital.

 Notice his new Alpaca hoodie with the black tie, which won out over all the other choices.  After church several men went up to him with the specific purpose to talk about the sweater. It seems they all have one they bought while traveling, but just hadn't worn them. Well they are in for a treat because Mr. S. thinks alpaca feels like silk, and he didn't even know he was wearing it, because it was so comfortable. He plans to wear it for the rest of the cool weather with different ties for our entertainment.  I do think he looks incredible in it, as it is so different than the usual dark suit, and I am greatly diverted by it. I want to spiff him up and take him about but he likes staying home and so I'll show him off here on my blog under the label, "Fashion for men in their 70's." What do you think?

We are spending Christmas Day quietly, watching the movie "The Christmas Train" which is now available in Walmart stores.  If you have not watched it, it is a double mystery with a surprise ending and is about two people getting an chance to clear up a past misunderstanding.

Its also on youtube albeit probably temporarily, here.

*Patient: Dr. will I be able to play the piano when this is healed?
                                         Doctor: Of course. I don't see why you couldn't.
Patient: That's great. I never could play the piano before.

As I wrote before, there was a piece of wood in his foot and no entry wound or no obvious place where it might have got in. Mr. S. does not have diabetes, heart disease, or anything else. He takes no medication for anything; he has never had cancer or anything else. (People always ask about that.) Maybe a seed got in when he was mowing the property and tried to grow a tree.  Since this "mystery"  I've received calls from perfectly healthy friends who said they had glass and other things appearing in wounds that they couldn't remember getting.  All the doctors, therapists, wound experts affirm that this happens a lot in their practice--finding things in people just between the dermis and the epidermis, that cause swelling. Makes you realize how important it is to care for your skin, wear shoes and boots that cover and protect toes, heels, ankles. Dress like a cowboy. I don't think a real cowboy would wear flip flops while at work.


Feminine Belle said...

Me: Oh yes please, fashion for men in their 70's!

Husband: So, how is peg-leg doing? ;-)

Getting ready to watch your recommended movie!

Feminine Belle said...

PS. If they take the movie down, here is the audio book! As the time of this writing it has been on YT for over 3 months.

7 hours of listening. Good one to listen to if doing a long chore or road trip.

Rhonda said...

I didn’t know about The Christmas Train movie.
We listened to the audio book on a car trip several years ago. It’s so good and we were both amazed it had zero bad language.
We got the audio book at the library