Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The Sweetest Gifts

Painting From Susan Rios--love these red cars and trucks with wreaths and trees.

Hello Dear Ones,

It is always nice to open the sweetest little gifts; the hand made ones you never see anywhere else, and today I'm sharing some that I received. I don't usually show off, but I thought you might be greatly diverted with these little gifts, and I'm sure you got some like them too.

Above is what looks like a hand made Victorian scented sachet. Isn't that little bird  a pretty thing?

All year I've been the recipient of these Dollar Tree vinyl bags, and now I have a little collection of them. They are bought for me because they have such delightful art on them, and how I like this one!  

Hand made cotton dish cloth which I try to get every year, and
Dollar Tree cups. They look very refined and are called "Royal Norfolk"--hand wash recommended.  I got them for the men who would rather have a larger cup to drink tea from.

Very comfortable to hold and very elegant looking; lightweight too.

Hobby Lobby had a 90% off sale on some things, and I got myself this tray (for a little more than a dollar)  which I think is also vinyl, as it is quite lightweight but very sturdy as it carries a full pot of tea and several cups without buckling ;-) I try to find lightweight trays because by the time a tray gets loaded with things, the weight can be just a bit much for my wrists. In fact, I have mostly lightweight things in my house so I can manage to move things about by myself. I saw a mirror on sale for practically nothing, the other day, but it was too heavy, and if it ever fell from the wall it might injure someone ;-) So all my mirrors are as light as I can manage.

A friend sent me this card with the loveliest art work, and a little verse. I hope you can read it, because the message is something we can all use: to aspire to be servants of our Saviour, Christ.

We have a joke around here that Mr. S. gave me something for a gift, but he doesn't know what it is yet. Do you do that?  It is because when he is unable to go shopping, he gives me the money and says "buy yourself something from me."

The ceramic light plates were on sale half price, so I got these, to improve the look of the house. But, should I ever re-locate, they go where we go and the old plastic ones go back on the wall.

My grandchildren are being taught to shop frugally and they got me some luxurious things. Above, a cinnamon pecan swirl candle (apparently got for free from a store promotion) , and below, some cardstock cri-cut ornaments in white. I love them because they don't take any room to store for the next year; just put them in a little zip-lock or an envelope.

A bag of cute bite sized cookies:

There is a cardstock key, bow, candy cane, three or four ornaments, a heart, crown, and a flower. Those cricut machines are amazing, and you can create your own designs to be cut.

A pair of gloves from Mr. S., who was very surprised when I opened the gift ;-) 

I've saved the biggest gift for last, as I am so thrilled to have it. It is a kitchen scale that works quite well, and as I had one years ago, it is nice to have the reproduction that looks like an old one: 

I am showing off my chalk rock slice of cake that everyone who comes is so intrigued with, and I've requested more of them from my grandchildren:

I have seen a lot of fake cakes and fake food in staged houses, show-homes and tour-of-homes events, but this one takes the cake, doesn't it?

I hope you are enjoying your small treasures too! The Victorians spent a lot of time making things or saving up for just the right gifts for their loved ones. They knit wool socks, which could hardly be bought anywhere, and made men's handkerchiefs, created blankets, slippers, wall pockets for letters, and all kinds of things that would never be available commercially.  People depended on these gifts coming on birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, etc. because that would be almost the only way they would acquire them. 

One thing I have enjoyed receiving is little hand made books from my grandchildren. I'm developing quite a library of them. I also like to write little books for them, one of a kind, stapled together.


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Such nice thoughtful gifts!

I received a ring and necklace from my husband...amethyst with tiny diamonds.

We splurged on my husband and we got him something (the kids and I) that was on his bucket list. We bought him a telescope. He was so excited and he cried.

I got the kids and my husband DNA kits. The kids have decided that only one of them need to do it, and the husband has always been interested in his DNA. His mom's family can be traced back to the 15th century but not much about his dad's side.

Enjoy your family!

Lydia said...

I have heard people say that finding their ancestry disappointed them. Have you heard this?

Mrs. Sarah Coller said...

Very sweet! Thanks for sharing your fun treasures with us!

Also, to the one who posted above about the Ancestry kits... My brother and I have both done ours and were surprised how we inherited different amounts of DNA from our parents. I got more of my Dad's French side and he got more of my mom's English side. It's really a fascinating thing!

Merry Christmas!
Mrs. Coller

Lydia said...

Yes apparently brothers and sisters do not have identical DNA and its fascinating how some will pick up different traits totally unrelated to the others in the family. But I heard one lady say she was disappointed in her results because she wanted it to be different. That means we need to be happy with who we are and not let the results alter our feelings.

Lynn said...

About red trucks and cars....here we have tons of red pickup trucks....they are everywhere.

vintage ellen said...

We had a lovely Christmas but I am also looking forward to getting back to "normal". I have some ideas of things to make for Christmas NEXT year and excited to get started on them. Wishing you a blessed 2019.

Feminine Belle said...

Well! I am surprised. Why isn't there a teacup with those cute bite size cookies?

Recipe for this chalk rock slice of *take the cake*?

Thanks for the heads up on the pretty bags! I am going to be like Lydia and style mine for each season. ;-)

Reference to the DNA kits.
One morning I woke up with this in my head:

Welcome people into your heart, as they are a gift from God.

Janet W. said...

I think you recieved some really nice gifts from everyone.
My little granddaughter gave me a lovely rose teacup for Christmas.
Janet Westrup
I’ve not been able to spend much time with her for the past two years because I’ve been working.
Anyway in a Christmas card I told her we would start on Saturday with me teaching her sewing lessons. She will be 7 yrs very soon and just the right age to learn to use a sewing machine. I’m using your beginner no-pattern projects.